The Remains of a Snow Man

A photo journal of the life and times of Frosty Bob Peppermint.

Day 1 - So Happy Together

Day 3 - A Little Snow, A Little Ice

Day 4 - The James Brown Tribute

Day 7 - Cyclopse Lost His Hat

Day 8 - He Lost His Mind

Day 9 - Chicken Neck

Day 10 - Snow Sculpture

Day 11 -Melted Snowman


Frosty Is Feeling So Fine

In case you haven’t heard, the Pacific Northwest has been hit by a winter storm that has dropped about a foot of snow on our doorstep. Mr. Peppermint has been enjoying all the fluff that’s fallen this week. Yesterday morning, I looked out and saw our snowman standing strong, the grass underneath him now covered in a blanket of fresh white snow with a bootprint pattern made by three little girls.

All that snow gave him a new ‘do which I think I’ve seen somewhere before…

Why does that look so familiar?


First Snow

It’s been quite a week and a half around here. First, our oven broke. And it took a week for the broken part to get ordered and installed. A week of meals mostly consisting of soup and whatever I could make in the brand new crockpot that I got with a Christmas gift card. Thanks Mom & Dad!  It was especially challenging because I have a pretty tight food budget. And I’d already spent it on the meal plan I made before the oven broke.

The same day the oven was fixed, our clothes dryer broke. So we are now in the trying-to-figure-out-if-it’s-worth-fixing-the-old-dryer-or-should-we-replace-it stage. Meanwhile, our house has become “laundry world.” That’s what the girls call it when all of our clothes are drip-drying from the furniture. 

This has made keeping my new year’s goals a little bit more difficult. You know, the one about me getting everything ready for morning the night before? Kinda hard to do when the dining room table has socks and t-shirts drying on it. So there’s been a lot more wobbling than balancing this week. But that’s okay. I will find balance again.

I’m just praying that no other appliances decide to break. Last night the dishwasher made a strange growly-buzzing noise for a minute when we started to run it. I would probably run around the house screaming for a minute if that happened. Or just get over it and start washing the dishes by hand. You know. Whichever is easier.

Isn’t it funny how extra challenges seem to come your way when you make a goal for yourself? Or maybe that’s just me.

This morning I woke up to shrieks and squeals that reminded me of Christmas morning. The girls were just a little bit excited to see this:

Forget about eating breakfast. They bundled up and out they went!

Look, Mom!

There wasn’t much, but it was heavy, wet…

Rollin’, rollin,’rollin…

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

perfect for building a snowman!

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

Grammy gave them a “snowman kit” in their Christmas package that they had been desperately wanting to use. But one particularly dramatic child that I won’t name was pretty sure we would never get enough snow. But as it turns out, you don’t need much snow.

You just need the right kind of snow.

 What shall we name him?

[shouted simultaneously]

“Frosty the Snowman!”



Okay. May I introduce Frosty Bob Peppermint. Mr. Peppermint for short.

Our snowman.

I’m curious. What kinds of challenges have you faced when trying to reach a goal? Leave a comment and let me know how you faced your challenge.

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