What Advent Means to Me This Year

Drop down ye heavens, from above,
and let the skies pour down righteousness

Adventus. Coming. A season of expectant waiting and anticipation.

Waiting for what?

Can you find it in the glow of lights on an artificial Christmas tree?

Where does my strength come from?

How do I find faith?

Is it in the burning of advent flames?

We count the days…

while it ignites in adoring eyes so bright.

Seeing the unexpected…

Held fast by hands remembering.

Stories that aren’t just stories.

We have a new home this year far away from family. In this season of festive over-abundance, it is tempting to think about what we are missing. What we don’t have instead of what we have.

But that is the reason we have advent. We look for Him. In this season and all year long, HE remains.


Immanuel. God among us.

Advent helps us remember all that God has done and wait expectantly for His coming provision.

He WILL provide. Everything I know I need. And even some things I don’t know that I need.

He is faithful.

This world will fail us, but He is there. The righteousness of God blooming  in the wastelands of our sinful hearts.

So we watch & pray.

Waiting for our Savior.

Remember and receive Him with open hearts.

So humbly He came…

Fear not, for I will save thee:
for I am the Lord thy God,
the Holy One of Israel, thy Redeemer.



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