Snow Days

One of the things that excited me about moving to the Pacific Northwest was the milder climate. Winters aren’t long or harsh like they are in the Midwest. To be honest, I’ve been secretly waiting for the moment I could stick my thumbs in my ears, wiggle my fingers and say Na-na-na-na-boo-boo pbthpbthpbth…to family and friends when they complained about the bitter cold and shoveling lots of snow. Because I’m mature like that.

But the Midwest had a very mild fall and not even any snow on Christmas. Where’s the fun in rubbing it in when they had the same or sometimes better temps in the middle of December? I was bummed. Just a little. But I knew the day of winter-reckoning would come. Because winter always comes to the Midwest. Especially in January.

From what I hear, winter finally hit back East, I love saying that, with seasonably cold temperatures and snow. We had a little snow up here too, in case you hadn’t heard.

But we didn’t even bother to shovel the driveway. That’s right. We stayed home, enjoyed the snow, drank lots of hot chocolate, and even used the driveway as a sledding hill. Well I didn’t. Go sledding that is. No need to injure my dignity. Or my tailbone.

We knew that the snow would all be gone in just a few days. So this is me rubbing it in to you unfortunate souls in winter-Midwest-wonderland.

We enjoyed our week of winter. Are you enjoying yours? 🙂



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