The Remains of a Snow Man

A photo journal of the life and times of Frosty Bob Peppermint.

Day 1 - So Happy Together

Day 3 - A Little Snow, A Little Ice

Day 4 - The James Brown Tribute

Day 7 - Cyclopse Lost His Hat

Day 8 - He Lost His Mind

Day 9 - Chicken Neck

Day 10 - Snow Sculpture

Day 11 -Melted Snowman


Frosty Is Feeling So Fine

In case you haven’t heard, the Pacific Northwest has been hit by a winter storm that has dropped about a foot of snow on our doorstep. Mr. Peppermint has been enjoying all the fluff that’s fallen this week. Yesterday morning, I looked out and saw our snowman standing strong, the grass underneath him now covered in a blanket of fresh white snow with a bootprint pattern made by three little girls.

All that snow gave him a new ‘do which I think I’ve seen somewhere before…

Why does that look so familiar?



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