A not-so-ordinary Sunday

Sunday was the day the girls got to sing a couple of Christmas songs with the other kids from their Sunday school classes for the church services. At practice on Saturday afternoon, little Z did NOT want to go up on stage with her class to sing “Away in a Manger.” In fact, she cried and ran away when they started walking up. I ended up holding her. I was pretty sure she would probably not make it on Sunday morning. But I thought we’d give it a try anyway.

We got there early and saved a spot in the front row so I’d be ready to chase my child if she decided to bolt or hold her if she cried. I bribed her by promising a piece of gum if she stood up on stage without crying during the first service. That got her attention. She really wanted some gum. What a good Mom I am, right? When her class walked in, she kept her head down and wouldn’t make eye contact.

She stood there, stone faced.

She’s the one in the red dress in the back row.¬† The only one not doing the actions. She did manage to break a smile when she looked at me. She really wanted gum. Did I say that already?

A fake smile just for Mom

At least she wasn’t crying or running away. Her sisters did a great job on their songs too.

They got to stand next to each other in the front row.

I told Z she could have her piece of gum, but if she actually sang the song during the second service, I’d give her a whole pack of gum. She really wanted some gum, did I say that already?

You wouldn’t believe it, or maybe you would, but Z actually skipped¬† up the aisle with her class in the second service. And sang the song. And did the actions. With a smile on her face. Which, of course, I have no pictures of because we sat in the back so we could leave right after they were done singing. Oh well. I’m still a good Mom, right?

And to prove it to myself, I helped our 8 yr. old make supper for the family for the first time. And made sure I took a picture of her with the finished product.

Yummy! Breakfast for supper!



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