“I Got What I Wanted For Christmas!”

For those of you familiar with our girls, it will come as no surprise that our middle child was super emotional when she actually got what she wanted for Christmas:  the Melissa & Doug wooden cookie set and felt sandwich set.

Remember, this is the girl who screamed, “Winner! Best! Present! Ever!!!” after receiving a multi-pack of scotch tape with her present for Christmas last year.

But you’ll have to take my word on it because we don’t have a video or picture of the moment. Nobody thought to get a camera ready before she opened that present.

She’s never been one to hide her true feelings. That’s what makes her unique and a special part of our family.

I must admit that I had fun building the suspense and leading her on to believe that she wasn’t going to get what she wanted this year. Because that’s the kind of sneaky Mom I am 😉

But I wasn’t being totally dishonest, because I wasn’t planning on getting these for her until I ended up with a gift certificate AND hit a 50% off sale just in time to get it delivered for the holiday weekend. Gotta love that!

This time we had the camera ready. So you can enjoy the I’ve-just-opened-the-best-present-ever-and-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself moment with us.

I'm so excited!

...And I just can't hide it!

...I'm about to lose control!

Merry Christmas!


3 responses to ““I Got What I Wanted For Christmas!”

  1. Must find some auditions for local theatre…she’s a natural.

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