For Thanksgiving, She says “S” Words

Someday soon we’re going to have a big celebration at our house. It’s been in the works for a few years. It will be an S birthday. Actually two S birthdays. What’s that? You don’t know what an S birthday is? Silly you.

It all started with our girl in the middle.

She was 3 years old then.

She is the one who always has something to say. And such a cute way of saying it. But all those S’s can really trip a poor little girl up. Especially when her very helpful big sister loves to constantly correct her  teach her the “right way.”  She tried so hard but just couldn’t get it.

So she made a plan.

One day when she could do it right, there was going to be a big party. There would be cupcakes with the letter S on them, S balloons, & an S cake with Skittles on it. And S games whatever they may be. Maybe even swimming. Do you see a theme?

We tried everything we could think of to help her. But her tongue just couldn’t find the right place. There were tears. Some of them mine. She got frustrated. Would she be a teenager with an S problem? Would she need a speech therapist? So she gave up trying. And we decided it was best to let her take her time.

Then along came her little sister Z.

When Z was learning to talk, she decided to skip those silly S’s altogether. They were too hard to say, so why bother with them at all? We shared lots of laughs trying to figure out what Z said.

Like the time in the car on the way to church when she blurted out,

“I ‘mell a ‘tinky ‘kunk!”

Couldn’t figure it out. But she kept saying it. Then I smelled it. That sure was a stinky skunk.

Then there was the time last winter when we were playing outside.

“Help! I’m ‘tuck in the ‘now!”

The snow was deep and she was in up to her waist.

There were so many other fun things she told us about. Like ‘piders,  ‘nakes, ‘pagetti, & ‘winging.

Oh, the fun we had 🙂 It passes all too quickly, doesn’t it?

Enter Grammy & Grampy 3 weeks ago. They came to see us in our new home here in Washington. I forget how it got started, but someone who obviously knows how to motivate this little girl offered Z an m&m if she said an S word right.

So she did.

Ssssssnake! Here’s your m&m.

Then there was no stopping her.

Sssssuper! Sssspaghetti! Sssspider! m &m, m&m, m&m!

Big sister saw her opportunity and gave it a shot.



I could feel her disappointment. But she was determined. Keep your teeth together. Try again.


I did it!!

Could you say that again, please?

Sure, Mom!


Have a bunch of m&ms!

She did it!!!!

We’re not all the way there yet. Some words still trip her up. But soon. We are so thankful for this blessing that we’re celebrating already. With a big bag of holiday m&m’s.

And if you are lucky enough to get an invitation from her in the mail to a Super-duper, Spectacular “Sbirthday party, don ‘t worry. You’ll know what to do 🙂

They have the same “S” birthday.


2 responses to “For Thanksgiving, She says “S” Words

  1. rwdillon

    The wisdom of grandparents!

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