The Unfortunate Grocery Shopper

Hmmm. Maybe I should stop going to Haggen (the local grocery store chain.) At least the one that’s closest to our house. Crazy thing is it’s a really nice store in a newer lifestyle center. I just have really bad timing.

Incident #1:

A few weeks ago, I made a grocery run after the kids were in bed so I wouldn’t have to listen to their whining  and witnessed a just like you see in the movies high-speed chase through the parking lot while leaving the store with a cart load of groceries. That close call got my heart pounding a bit. I regained my composure and drove towards home, passing a number of other police cars with lights flashing but no sirens. They were canvassing the neighborhood. Turns out the minivan was stolen by a young man who “allegedly” struck the owner with his own vehicle and sped away with the guy’s dog still in the backseat. I know you’re innocent until proven guilty, but I’ve always been amused when news stories use the word allegedly for someone caught in the act. Was the dog doing the driving? They eventually caught him with the aid of spike strips and blackberry bushes about half a mile from our house.

Incident #2:

Yesterday, I made another grocery run, this time in the afternoon. I was just past the shredded cheese and sour cream in the dairy case. I was going to pick up some eggs when I began to notice the smell of campfire mixed with burning plastic. I didn’t see any smoke. But, being pretty sure that this was not normal, I was ready to grab the girls, my purse and head quickly for the nearest exit. That’s when I heard the very frazzled and almost hysterical clerk one aisle over. A kid had climbed to the top shelf, tore open a box of matches and lit a Duraflame log on fire while it was still on the shelf. The clerk had come around the corner just in time to catch the kid. The whole stack of logs was about to go up in flames, but somehow he managed to pull it off the shelf and stomp out the fire on the floor.

I could do with a little less excitement. Really. I like my normally boring life. If I keep this up, I’ll become one of those people. You know. The ones that always have strange things happening to them? But at least I’ll have some interesting stories to tell at holiday gatherings. 🙂


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