Sounds like French to me

The girls have found a new favorite radio station to listen to in their bedrooms. I think it must be the Canadian version of public radio. So far they’ve enjoyed classical, opera, Gregorian chant, jazz, mariachi and several other musical styles that make it a fun alternative to the other radio stations. Only catch: all of the speaking (and singing) is in French.

This caused a bit of confusion for the six year old at first.

Spoken in overly-dramatic fashion, “What are they saying? I don’t like it! I caaaan’t understand their wooooords!”

Neither can I, but I’m not crying about it.

She seems to have recovered from the language shock and now turns the volume waaaaay up so she can hear it from the other end of the house.

She was playing with her younger sister who started crying. “What’s wrong? I can’t hear you!”

Turn the radio down. It could be worse. It could be that really annoying kids CD with the songs that you just. can’t. get. out. of. your. head.

I’m choosing to let them listen and broaden their cultural horizons. I’ll just sneak in and turn the volume down to a more acceptable level, if you please. Thank you very much.

Next lesson: Learn French with the girls.

The view from Chuckanut Drive



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