I’m still here!

Bet you all were wondering when if I was going to write here again! You’ll be glad to know I haven’t given up on it just yet. Just been busy the last few weeks settling into our new routine and didn’t find much time for writing.  Also, had a visit from my parents who drove half way across the country to see us in our new home. We had a fabulous time exploring together! I’ll share more about their visit soon.

In the meantime….I know I’m not in the Midwest when…..four very friendly deer are so unconcerned about my daughters walking up to them that they turn their heads to watch a car that is a block away.

I’m not scared of you! BOO!

Not sure how close we could’ve gotten, but we weren’t about to find out! The one in front was actually walking towards us. After several minutes, they slowly meandered away.

For some reason I had this urge to yell, “BANG!”

But I didn’t :0)


2 responses to “I’m still here!

  1. rwdillon

    How do you place images inside the blog?

    (I’m happy that one of us – you – knows how to use technology!)

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