Split Personality

Exhilarating. That’s how it felt when I cut open the first box on the first day of our new life in our new house. Unpacking my dishes and arranging the kitchen cupboards so everything was just how I liked it. Hardly able to move a muscle when I got in bed at the end of the day because I’d pushed myself to the limit. Satisfied. Exhausted.

Now I just feel….Exhausted.  It’s been one of those days where I feel like I’m fighting against myself, making myself do what needs to get done. I’d rather give up and crawl back in bed.

I’m in the “boxes up to my ears” doldrums.

I’m sick of all the boxes & just want to shove them in a closet somewhere and forget about them.

Then shout to the world, “I’m done! Let’s get on with  living!”

But I still haven’t found some really important things. Like that box that holds the rest of my cold weather clothes. Yeah, I’m gonna need that pretty soon. Plus, if I can get by shoving the stuff in a closet, do I really need it anyway?

My girls are feeling it too.

She told me that she hates Aleen (her imaginary best friend with green hair, green skin and green clothes who, she informs me, moved into a green house we drove past yesterday on the way to the park). Last night Aleen punched her in the stomach. At church. I was at church with her but I don’t remember seeing anything…Still, I told her we don’t hate people (even imaginary ones) because God loves everyone. She doesn’t look too convinced.

Frustrated and angry at…herself

Aleen has been a big part of her daily life  since last March. Aleen appeared in the window at the dentist’s office & came home with us. She has a green Mom and a blue brother named Peter. And a baby sister (also green) named Delaney. They also have several kitties that get sick quite frequently. And she comes over all the time for slumber parties with sleeping bags and bedtime stories in the dark.

One time Peter got stuck in a tree in our old backyard & she wanted me to climb up and get him. I don’t think so! Aleen also accidentally poured water all over her big sister’s bedroom floor.

If I have to ask the question, “Who peeled all the crayons, drew on the wall and left the wrappers on the floor?” the answer probably is ” Oh, I’m sorry. Aleen did that.”

Yes, Aleen can be quite the troublemaker.

Then there was the time Aleen got hit by a car and died because she forgot to hold hands crossing the street. But God brought her back to life. Because that’s what God does. The impossible. Her God can do anything! What about my God? Hmmm….

Now my brain hurts. I’m gonna need more coffee.

Thanks to our new coffee pot (and my hubby for donating all the coins in his spare change jar minus a Canadian penny & a few shiny collectible coins so we could buy one), I can now brew at home. 🙂

My sanity budget saving brewer is working overtime.

It’s not the super-fancy-does-everything-but-grow-the-beans coffee pot on my wish list, but it does brew 12 glorious cups!

And I am very thankful for it. Only thing that would make it better is a microwave so it would be easier faster to re-heat after I set my cup down and forget about it until 3 hours later.

I’m so cool, re-heating my coffee the retro way…










and spilling some on the counter because I was trying to take a one-handed picture. Woops!

….But fixing a super-gooey, chocolatey treat to go along with it makes the extra effort worth it.  And judging by the chocolate smears and finger marks in the middle of the pan, I’d say Aleen agrees with me 🙂

 Sorry, Dear, it has coconut in it…

(more for me haha)!



2 responses to “Split Personality

  1. Erin I’ve really enjoyed the last few entries. What an imagination she has! Did Aleen make the car trip with you as well?

    • Thanks! She was pretty adamant that Aleen was NOT in the car with us when we drove out, but that was probably because we were so crowded already 🙂 I wasn’t sure if Aleen was going to make her appearance again once we got here. But I’m glad she did. Who needs TV with such great entertainment, right?

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