A few things I’ve learned during my first couple of weeks in the Northwest.

Number 1: Do not, under any circumstances, go to the mall on a weekend. There will be lots and lots of tail-gating Canadians who have come across the border for better shopping.
I made the mistake of planning a Target run for household goods two days after we moved in. It was a Friday morning, but it felt like I was shopping the day after Thanksgiving. (Seriously! The mall parking lot was filled. All the way to the back. With Canadian RV’s. I swear, I saw guys lounging in camp chairs & flipping burgers on a travel grill.)

Number 2: Coffee is king. You will be able to buy coffee 24 hours a day from a parking lot kiosk in numerous locations within a 2 mile radius. And there will be a Starbucks around every corner. This is a good thing. Unless you are on a budget. And left behind your old coffee pot when you moved since it was on its last leg anyway.

Number 3: If you are moving across the country and back three time zones, you won’t need an alarm clock to wake you up. At least not for a few weeks. I’ve NEVER been a morning person in my life. LOVE to stay up late and sleep in. But at least for now, I’m having no difficulty waking up at 6am. Or earlier. In fact, I’ve actually been enjoying the early mornings. Maybe I’ve just been living on Pacific Standard Time my whole life but didn’t know it 🙂

This crazy lot is the center of my universe!


8 responses to “Newbie

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! 🙂

    The image in my mind of your mornings is a beautiful quiet one, with or without coffee…

  2. Val

    I love that you are blogging…can’t wait to read more, and I am so not surprised about the ability to coffee at any time anywhere in that area 🙂

    • Val, good to hear from you! On our way out, we went through a Starbucks drive-thru with our loaded down car (hubby, cats, kids, roof bag, etc). When they found out our destination, they informed us that we were “headed to the Motherland!”

  3. That’s funny about the Canadians. I guess it hasn’t changed in about 50 years. My Mom was always complaining about them. She even did a speech about the Canadians (not very positively) at Grace (college), and half way through her speech remembered her speech teacher was Canadian!!

    • Thanks for reading, Denette! Hubby’s boss told us that he never shopped at the mall because of the Canadians. I thought he was joking (and slightly prejudiced) until I saw it with my own eyes! I was literally laughing out loud while driving.

  4. Jen

    Hay I recognize those coats! Glad they can use them in WA! Looks like an exciting “adventure” ahead:)

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